Above all, we represent, and manage music bands, actors and artists in general, organizing cultural and social events, promotional activities, stage design, artistic and reportage photography, design, advertising or publications...
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skutečná liga

Bands competition whose asset remains exceptional transparency, given the system design, composition of respected judges. The only requirement is that the live band playing musical instruments, had its own songs and not acting as his main source of income.
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event servis

Need to organize an event party, gathering, exhibition or concert? You probably also need to ensure that program. The program will be arranged by the need for certainly sound. A good sound system includes good lighting...
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About our company

We offer you long experiences in organizing events to measure. Concerts, exhibitions, opening parties, corporate parties, birthday parties, awards, corporate conferences, galas, etc. We provide comprehensive services in the organization of cultural and social events.
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our projects

Skutečná liga
International live bands Competition
Skutečná liga junior
live young bands Competition
portal for bands, clubs or festivals
CD and live concerts for talent bands
Magic Mirrors
Art Nouveau velvet tent, which resounded by Marlene Dietrich
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